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This is where the process really begins and you save the most money. You will supply information about your current job, assets, and residence history. You'll give us information on your employment, asset, and residence history. We pull your credit score and report. We will review this info then will provide a prequalification letter. Handle it with care — it can be a great tool for buying your new home! With this letter, your real estate agent will negotiate the best deal for your new home. The prequal letter gives you buying clout! While you're looking for your new house with your real estate agent, we find the best program for you.



Loan Application
 After you've signed an offer and the sellers have accepted, you should apply for the loan. Applying for your loan couldn't be much easier; you can apply right here on our site (Loan Application). After the offer has been accepted and you have submitted your loan application, we'll order the professional appraisal on the home.




The agents will find an escrow/title company to handle the "funding" of the loan and closing of the sale. We'll coordinate with the title company to ensure all the papers your lender will need are available, and you'll likely sign all these papers at this title company office. We work with with this company on your closing date. Because you don't have to coordinate this process, you can concentrate on the move, paint colors, new carpet, and the fun parts of moving into your new home.

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